2 Stroke 70cc  Bicycle engine kit. Complete with everything you see.
This awesome 2 stroke  engine  is capable of speeds up to 30 mph.
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70cc NTJL motorized bicycle engine kit.
Kit Includes:
•    NT 70cc Big port
Factory Tested  Engine
•    NT Carburetor
•    1/2 Gallon Fuel Tank with brass petcock
and fuel line
•    Throttle Grips with built in kill switch
•     Locking alloy Clutch Lever with Cable
•     High Flow Muffler with removable baffle
•     415 Chain  
•     Short 4 bolt spindle type tensioner
•     50T  Sprocket with hardware
•     Steel Mounting Clamps
•     Spark plug tool
•     Puller tool
                   Engine Specifications:

Engine Type                                       Air-cooled 2 Stroke  Single Cylinder
Displacement(cc)                             70cc                           

Oil and gas mixture needed
20:1 for 2 tanks 30:1 after break in